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TIW delivers cloud DMS to broking group

TIW are delighted that Oxford Insurance Group (“OIG”), the parent organisation of James Hampden International (“JHI”) and Oxford Insurance Brokers (“Oxford”), and MGB, have adopted TIW’s Document Management System (“DMS”) hosted and provided by TIW as a group-wide solution.

JHI and Oxford now share a common DMS that makes it easy to save and retrieve documents in a secure, business-designed folder structure. OIG is committed to constantly improving customer service and investing in technology is a key part of that commitment. OIG continues to work with TIW to further expand the system’s capabilities and through automation, simplifies everyday activities such as adding clients, processing claims and submitting A&S/ECF transactions to Xchanging/the IMR. Putting clients at the heart of their processes, the DMS helps with the secure and efficient management of all documents for policies, claims and correspondence.

OIG CIO Edward Halloran commented “We have invested a significant amount of resource to modernise our core systems and we have a clear vision for the future. The DMS is a key part of the strategy which involved some degree of cultural change. TIW’s deep insurance understanding helped us cut to the essentials of what we needed. I am pleased with the way TIW collaborated with Trireme to accelerate implementation. This enabled us to deliver what was needed to the business on time.

TIW CEO David Edwards commented “At TIW we pride ourselves on applying our broad and deep insurance expertise to digitally transform businesses in the Lloyd’s and London Insurance Market. We are delighted to have delivered this key infrastructure project for Oxford Insurance Group.”.