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Legal Podcast – Content Security, Secure Document Sharing

TIW has produced its first Podcast of 2023 hosted by FOIL (Forum of Insurance Law Firms).


A discussion on content security in the legal sector. An introduction to Spinnii.


TIW is delighted to share its first Podcast of 2023 in association with FOIL (Forum Of Insurance Lawyers) in which Alex Brown and

Steven Jeeves discuss the importance of secure document sharing.

During the discussion, chaired by Laurence Bessemer, Chairman FOIL, with questions from Mark Huxley, also FOIL, we introduce the features and benefits of implementing a secure world for both, internal and external users, where all correspondences, contracts, and documents are safe and secure, can be stored and archived on a permissions basis, or deleted in their entirety.

Please click on the link below to listen to how Spinnii can help your practice or organisation keep its content, contracts, and documents truly safe and secure.

Spinnii Podcast – Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL)