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Three GDPR answers the C-Suite needs right now

Is there a shortcut to becoming GDPR compliant?

Yes. A quick and major win to achieving GDPR compliance is to adopt a Document Management System (DMS) which demonstrates you are taking concrete steps on your GDPR journey.

How will a DMS help us become GDPR compliant?

TIW’s Xsus Document Management System makes it easy to:

  1. know where your data are (by keeping all client related documents securely in one place);
  2. prevent unauthorised access (by controlling who has access to documents containing client data); and,
  3. respond quickly to requests (by making it easy to search and find all documents containing client data).

Why TIW?

Economy and peace of mind. TIW is a trusted provider of document management systems to Brokers and Carriers in the Lloyd’s and London Insurance Markets with over 10M client documents under management. TIW’s staff are highly experienced and respected experts with experience and expertise can quickly help you enable your staff to organise, store, manage and access documents effectively, efficiently and securely

And how much does it cost and how long will it take?

Adopting TIW’s DMS starts with straightforward per user per annum pricing with integration into Microsoft Outlook and Office included free of charge.

People access documents from the office, home office or on the move and the simplest configuration can be up and running in a day. TIW has a full business-led service that can configure the DMS to your exact specification.

Not just a key component in achieving GDPR compliance though, the DMS is core technology for any organisation. Storing, managing and tracking documents, and the data they contain, are important housekeeping tasks every organisation knows it needs to keep on top of.

A properly configured DMS frees up staff from that housekeeping enabling them to spend more time building the business. TIW’s insurance knowledge will configure the DMS to work harder for you, tailoring how documents are organised, searched for, found and shared to fit your unique house style.

Read more about how you can use TIW to help with your GDPR compliance.

Let us show you how TIW’s DMS can make the difference in your business. Contact us today and arrange your demonstration.