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Spinnii launch heralds new era for file and document security

Global technology company TIW Group is to officially launch its ground-breaking content sharing application at the TINtech London market 2022 event on 8 February, delivering a solution which will provide the ability to move data and documents securely at a time of growing regulatory scrutiny over document and file management.

Spinnii, is an Enterprise Content Sharing for Insurance application, which has been designed to meet the challenges faced by regulated entities and the need for security in the storage and transfer of files and documents, providing an easy to use and brandable customer portal for all their content interactions. External organisations can access the documents and files securely but access is controlled, by the owner of the data and includes group level access controls.

Spinnii can be customised to meet the exact and individual needs of the business and can be personalised to mirror the look and feel of the company’s current systems.

The system is also designed to solve a range of concerns with the current solutions on offer. At present companies effectively lose the ownership of their documents when they are transferred to third party document repositories. While the current solutions provide the capability for the files and documentation to be shared, the ability to effectively track the document, and those that open it are impaired. There are also concerns that while a company can delete the file or document on the user interface, a copy could remain within the third party’s control, causing data governance concerns.

Spinnii has been designed with API first capabilities and an innovative user interface which enables the seamless integration with other systems to create a development framework alongside a comprehensive file and document platform with streamlined distribution capabilities.

It delivers the ability to know the location and status of each document and to manage what external entities can and cannot access, via its “What This Party Can See” functionality.

TIW CEO David Edwards explained: “Legacy systems and unsecure solutions leave entities open to regulatory threat as they fail to meet heightened rules and privacy controls.

“Spinnii has been designed not only to meet the current needs for regulated firms such as insurers around the security of their documentation but also the likelihood that regulators will extend the rules around how businesses secure their documentation and data.”

David added: “While we have used TINtech to officially launch Spinnii, the system is already operational and we have been working with a large number of partners all of whom, are not only excited about the system, its functionality and ease of use, but also the enhanced customer experience that can be delivered in terms of the control it has provided around access and the way document and file security can be evidenced.”

“Regulators have been keen to ensure that all parts of the supply chain treat customers fairly but the move to greater digitalisation has come with concerns around the way in which clients and company data can be protected,” he added. “It can only be a matter of time before regulators will look to address the potential risk around document and file security.

“Spinnii has been designed to not only seamlessly integrate with a company’s existing systems but in many ways ensure that that firms can future proof their document and file security to any new regulatory requirements.”


For further information contact: David Edwards +44 (0)20 7183 2190 e-mail david.edwards@twigroup.com.

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