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Spinnii Content Services frequently asked questions

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What documents can be handled by the application?

Spinnii can handle any type of electronic content.

Where are the files stored?

The files are normally stored within your own organisation’s firewalls, with the application accessing them via VPN. However, TIW can offer a highly secure, fully hosted service if required.

What search mechanisms are provided?

Spinnii includes easy to use filters across folders and document titles.

How secure are the files when published?

The files are encrypted in transit and at rest. Access for external users of the application is controlled through multi-factor authentication.

What technology was used to build the application?

Spinnii is a containerised application written in .NET core with React JS.

What integration options are available to other systems?

Spinnii is an API first framework application and as such can be easily integrated to other systems.

How much training is required to use the application?

None, the application is highly intuitive and easy to use. Spinni does include a guided tour which can be used by new users.

How much ongoing support is required from TIW?

Spinnii is designed to be configured and administered by your organisation. Administrators can configure everything, including access controls, password rules, customise user interface themes, configure and administer email notifications, including dynamic tags and terms of service.