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New Brand From TIW Group

We are excited to launch the new TIW Group brand and we hope you will love it as much as we do!

Whilst the look of TIW has changed, the service and expertise we have remains the same high quality as we’ve been delivering to the London Market for the past 15 years.

So why change?

Well, we are a different technology company and wanted our brand to represent this and the progression that we have made since our inception.

The visual identity may just be the outer wrapper, but our new look has been inspired by and created to embody our approach to the market.

We are trustworthy and responsive, delivering a service that is reliable, transparent, and consistently exceeds expectations.

As a team, we The Insurance Workplace comprise of insurance aligned thinkers and practitioners, driven to find and create solutions for the London insurance Market.

Now with our bold new look we continue to use the wealth of industry insider knowledge to overcome the business challenges that hinder our clients’ path to seamless operation.

The strength behind our brand comes from our belief that the right technology, applied in the right way can play a pivotal role in improving the operational effectiveness of every insurance business. Our optimal size and nimble structure positions us perfectly to deliver on our promises.

As part of the brand refresh, we have also re-defined our product range. Our services across the 4 core products: Enterprise Content Management, Spinnii, ACORD Messaging, and InsurTech Consulting, now also have a new and recognisable logos. You can find more information on the products below.

We are proud to launch the new TIW Group brand and look forward to the future. If you are looking for a partner to help improve efficiency, security, regulation, user experience, or customer service for the good of your team, customers, and the industry as a whole, then please reach out and talk to us.