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Our latest DMS client

TIW’s latest Document Management “System-as-a-Service” client is a particularly interesting case: a group company deploying the DMS as the common platform across its Lloyd’s Broker, TPA, and Underwriting subsidiaries.

The client choose TIW’s DMS because:

  • how well the client can adapt the DMS to support its London Market Risks, Premium, and Claims processing
  • how the DMS enables staff to work securely and efficiently in office or remotely
  • how well the DMS is integrated into the client’s back-office systems
  • how well the DMS is integrated into TIW’s web-based A&S/ECF submission app
  • the DMS being an industry standard system (based on Content Suite from Opentext, the successor to the old-style LiveLink) and as such is the recognised market leader

TIW’s “one-DMS” approach:

  • consolidates document silos which are otherwise spread across computers/servers/public cloud storage (yes we know people do it!)
  • greatly simplifies Compliance
  • enables staff to find any document, even image PDFs, by UMR/UCR/Client details, plus all sorts of metadata
  • provides a fully secure, local and remote access, and permission-based security across the group
  • forms a key part of your BCP and DR strategy

TIW’s staff are always on-hand to apply their expert knowledge of the London Insurance Market and third-party software providers.

The longer read…

TIW consulted, advised, and configured the hosted DMS to the client’s exact specifications. TIW created the folder structures, the folder categories/attributes (metadata), put together the permission groups, and set up the user accounts. At this point the DMS is now fully functioning and available, empty, but ready for storing documents in a highly organised, disciplined, fashion.

TIW then worked with the client’s back-office system supplier to integrate that system via TIW’s tailored APIs into the DMS. Documents produced by, for example, the Broking system (quotes, MRCs, policies, debit notes, statements, LPANs etc.) are automatically stored in the correct DMS folder. No chance of misfiling. The client liked that this integration increases right-first-time across the organisation.

Documents created outside of the broking system, for example emails and their attachments or Word/Excel documents, are easily dragged and dropped into DMS folders directly from within the Microsoft application. People access the DMS via the Desktop/Windows Explorer or a web browser. In either case people can set up favourites and shortcuts to help them work in the most efficient manner possible.

The client also chose TIW’s web-based A&S/ECF app. An extremely handy tool, the app enables people to create work packages simply and easily, automatically loading the correct type and importantly number of documents directly from the DMS. The app only selects documents specific to the UMR in question, further improving the right-first-time. The app includes neat touches such as showing Xchanging’s real-time response times. It also enables people to Cancel & Replace work orders. Filing Electronic Claims has also never been easier, with visible confirmations that documents have been successfully loaded into the IMR.

The next phase in this client’s journey is the migration of its legacy Account/Policy/Claims documents into the DMS. For maximum efficiency TIW automates moving legacy documents into the DMS. TIW’s automated approach is not only efficient and the fastest most economical method, but it also ensures accuracy, consistency, and thorough and equal treatment of every document from the source silos. Each document is automatically placed in the correct target client folder and as such inherits all the correct metadata and permissions it is supposed to from that folder. And just like regular documents, even scanned “image” PDFs inherit the attributes of the folder meaning the DMS makes it finally possible to search and find these PDFs for example by UMR/UCR/Client name/Trading partner.

Future steps in the client’s journey include deploying Spinnii, TIW’s web-based document sharing app. Spinnii connects the client directly with its clients and third-party business partners. Spinnii enables staff to share documents simply and efficiently. The client controls precisely who can share documents, how they are shared, and with whom.

Spinnii brings Enterprise document sharing, in a style everyone is used to, to your business. Spinnii makes sharing a document simple. Spinnii automatically leads recipients via an email link to the shared document. Recipients login via your customised web portal to view and/or download their documents.

Spinnii is also two-way. Spinnii enables people to upload documents, pictures, video, and many more formats for your staff to choose how to manage. Spinnii’s design ensures only uploads your staff approve reach the DMS. Spinnii further enhances and helps maintain the integrity and level of compliance of the DMS, after all it’s a core piece of company infrastructure. Spinnii’s built-in auditing enables clients to have full records of who did what and when.

Finally Marketing departments love that Spinnii’s theme/look-and-feel can be extensively configured by them to reflect not just the client’s branding, but also branding on a customer/partner basis.  Spinnii is actually completely client-configurable, in every key respect. TIW has made sure you are in control every step of the way.