Data Warehouse Overhaul

TIW reviewed and overhauled commercial motor insurer Tradex Insurance’s poorly functioning data warehouse, added new reporting functionality and trained the insurer’s staff to manage the warehouse in-house. The project restored management confidence in the data enabling it to be used for strategic planning.

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“TIW’s involvement in this project was critical to its success.”

Tradex Insurance

Chief Information Officer

The Problem

Tradex Insurance, which underwrites commercial motor insurance for taxis and fleets, needed to overhaul its data warehouse. The existing data warehouse had been not fully implemented, was incomplete, with the insurer’s Board having little faith in its ability to provide reliable and useful insights. As a result, it was unable to fully utilise the information in its data warehouse for strategic planning.

The Solution

TIW reviewed the data warehouse with a view to completing the installation, overhauling its functionality, and training up in-house personnel to be able to maintain and manage it going forwards.

A member of the TIW team was seconded to the business to assess the data warehouse and the full and comprehensive review of the data within the warehouse, identified anomalies and flagged up
possible solutions for the business to review.

Following the initial review, a series of reconciliation routines were put in place to ensure the robustness and accuracy of data within the system. Staff within Tradex were also upskilled to enable
inhouse maintenance of the warehouse on an ongoing basis.

The Outcome

Tradex Insurance was able to realise the full benefits of having a high functioning, accurate and up to date data warehouse providing it with vastly improved and reliable reporting.

The management team’s renewed confidence in the data enabled it to use the reporting element to feed into the business’s strategic planning. The insurer was also now able to use and maintain the warehouse using its own staff under a self-service model.


List of benefits from using our services

Expert review

Expert review and overhaul of
existing data warehouse capabilities

Full functionality

Restoration and implementation of full functionality

Accurate reporting

Addition of accurate and accessible management reporting

Showing value

Realisation of the full value of the data warehouse as an asset to the business


TIW reviewed and overhauled commercial motor insurer Tradex Insurance’s poorly functioning data warehouse, fixing and adding new reporting capabilities and training the insurer’s staff to manage the warehouse going forwards. TIW’s work restored management confidence in the data and enabled the business to realise the full value of its initial investment in the data warehouse.

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