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AHJ achieves extra efficiencies and savings

AHJ is a leading Lloyd’s broking house specialising in all forms of marine and non-marine reinsurance, plus some specialist lines of direct insurance. Established in 1973 they have maintained their independence as a privately owned company with a reputation for personal service.

AHJ simplified and controlled their business processes better saving money along the way by choosing a TIW’s Xsus back office platform.

The Problem

AHJ provide a service for assessing exposures using industry leading catastrophe modelling software package. This service includes providing input and output files for reinsurers.
Increasingly the size of these files prohibited them being sent by email so they were being burnt to disc and sent through the post. This represented a delay in the process and a potential security problem. They were looking for an alternative to this process and contacted TIW to assist.

The Solution

TIW provided a collaborative area where AHJ can upload files and allow relevant reinsurers access to download as required in a secure and efficient manner. AHJ installed TIW and are now collaborating with over 80 reinsurers worldwide.

– Leading Lloyd’s Broking House
– Marine and Non-marine insurance
– Complex process wasted time now saved
– Solution provides a collaborative work area
– Security is maintained
– Postage saved
– Automatic notification of availability and delivery


The upload and storage process of files was greatly simplified whilst maintaining security.

AHJ maintained full control over access to their data and reinsurers can now download files, whenever required, thus saving considerable time.

Postage and administration costs are also saved and there is automatic notification that data is available and ready to be downloaded with a direct link provided.

Revisions of data files can be distributed quickly and there is a full audit trail of when and whom downloaded which information. This process helps obtain a quicker decision from reinsurers as to their acceptance of contracts, ultimately benefiting the client who obtains an earlier knowledge of coverage.