ACORD Messaging

TIW is committed to being at the forefront of your document digital transformation journey. Licensed Integrator Partner and member of the ACORD messaging standards organisation.

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ACORD Messages

TIW is a licensed lntegrator partner and member of ACORD

Accounting & settlement

A&S from TIW is a process based on-line submission service using standard ACORD DRI delivering validated and audited documents to the IMR. This a fully managed service and includes a full audit trail with a management information dashboard to facilitate the tracking of submissions.

Electronic claims files

ECF offers the ability to flag Electronic Claims Files and deliver validated and audited documents to the Insurance Market Repository (IMR).


TIW’s eAccounts solution is the Paperless submission of premium transactions from Brokers to Carriers for Bureau (XIS) and Non-Bureau (eBOT) and Ruschlikon markets, creating a single unified process regardless of type or location of the insurer.

Share information quickly amongst all stakeholders

ACORD Messaging standards as standard

Reduced risk

Don't get caught out. Ensure your data is accurate and safe

Business message standards

XML formats tailored for the insurance industry. XML and AL3 standards for P&C; XML standards for Placing, Claims and A&S

Technical standards

ACORD Security Profiles extend the Messaging Service to protect the content of the messages, building on the OASIS WS Security Standards and the WSI Basic Security Profile.

Vendor integration

Standardised data streamlines operations and in turn facilitate straight through processing to your partners.

ACORD Messaging Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ACORD Messaging?

It is a standardised format of sending and receiving data for the insurance industry.

Where is ACORD messaging used?

ACORD Messaging is used all over the world for insurance companies to send and receive data in a standardised format.

Who uses ACORD messaging?

Over 4,000 organisations use it.

What are the benefits of ACORD messaging?

Bad data can cause significant risk. ACORD messaging helps mitigate that risk.


“We are delighted to welcome TIW Group to the ASG Licensed Integrator Partner community. TIW Group has been a long-standing pillar of technical prowess in our industry and supporter of ACORD, and we are pleased to help them deliver even more value to their rapidly expanding Broking, MGA and Carrier client base by harnessing ACORD Conductor’s next-generation messaging capabilities.”


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