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Achieving GDPR Compliance

As a leader in Insurance Collaboration and Consultancy, TIW is committed to helping businesses along their journey to GDPR readiness and compliance.

Document Management and workflow are some of the most important tools for helping you meet regulatory requirements and should be central to an overall GDPR compliance and data protection strategy.

TIW provides solutions and services to help businesses in their efforts to comply with GDPR obligations in key areas such as:

  • Information Management
  • Governance
  • Information Security
  • Business Processes
  • Data Protection

TIW’s CS20 DMS directly address the mandates within the new GDPR by providing a single robust platform to manage and secure all enterprise information, including content with Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

TIW’s CS20 DMS provides governance via access permissions, audit trails, advanced search, automated policy enforcement and customisable notifications and reports.

Some of the largest and most innovative companies in the Lloyd’s and London Insurance market use TIW’s CS20 DMS to transform and drive their digital business.

TIW’s CS20 DMS is ready and available to your organisation today as a hosted solution on either a shared or dedicated platform.