About TIW group

TIW is a professional team of technology, cloud and business consultants who specialise in the Global and Lloyd’s Insurance markets.

We do not claim to make you a better underwriter, broker or MGA. Still, we can help by applying technology to deliver quality solutions that resolve business challenges for organisations of all sizes.

These challenges might be addressing regulatory requirements, issues with the security of your information, connecting disparate systems to create an ecosystem or providing secure communication with 3rd parties.

Our approach is to work with your teams to introduce these solutions, achieving desired business outcomes.

So, if you want to talk about the best use of technology to improve your organisation, that’s what we do and have been doing, successfully, since we started 15 years ago.

TIW's journey

2006TIW launch The Insurance Workplace
2007TIW launch our first application, Collab.
2008TIW launch a fully managed Accounting and Settlement service
2009First provider of a Cloud-based Document Management solution for the London Market.
2010We launched the first iPad application in the London Market
2011-2015Launched iPlace for electronic trading
2016New infrastructure initiative
2017Launched eAccounts
2019Partnership with Pega
2020Global agreement with ACORD
2021Spinnii Launch
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